Phone / Sat nav holders for cars

Many of us have some sort of device that we wish to have on display whilst driving. It may be that you have a mobile phone or satellite navigation system that you want to mount in your car and there are a number of different products on the market to allow you to do so. Below is a few of the products that I have reviewed:

Power socket charging devices / holders – These devices allow you to not only hold your device in place but also charge it when on the move. You need to consider where your power socket is in the car as this is not suitable for all makes and models of vehicles.

Suction window mounted holders – In my option these are the best option – They provide a strong hold of your device and can be adjusted to allow viewing from many angles. They are not that expensive and although simple, are easy to use and reliable.

Sticky pad holders – I recently invested in one of these products, which is a holder secured to the dashboard or window via a suction pad. The other pad is a sticky surface which you can place on the back of your phone or sat nav. They do seem to stick well but sometimes a little too well and you may struggle to remove the device when needed to.

Styling your car on a budget

If you want to stylise your car a bit but need to do it on budget then I have some top tips for you below:

  • Wheel trims – if your car has steel wheels then adding or replacing your wheel trims can make a huge difference to how the car looks. I recently lost a wheel trim and decided to replace them all, and what a difference it made for only £15.
  • Mats – Not only will car mats protect the carpet in your vehicle but they can add a personalised touch. You can even buy personalised mats with names or initials on.
  • Seat covers- If your seats are looking a little worse for wear then a set of seat covers can transform the interior of a car. They come in a range of styles and patterns as you can often match them with your steering wheel cover and mats.






After market car stereo’s

If you are lucky enough to be able to buy a new car then it will probably come fitted with quite a decent stereo. If like many of us, you have an older vehicle, you may find that you only have a cassette player or worse still just a radio.

If you are looking to improve your system, there are many retailers that sell car stereo systems, even many supermarkets. If you want something a little more hi tech or a better quality system then you could visit a car audio specialist who will talk through what you want and recommend a system.

You should consider upgrading the speakers in the car too, if you want to improve the bass, volume and quality all-round.

Be aware that you may need to inform your insurance company of any changes in audio equipment. Often a standard policy will cover you for up to £250 for example, but this may need to be increased should you be investing more.

The Implications of future Autonomous vehicles

With almost all of the top car companies, and a number of technology companies all investing heavily in a future which sees cars able to drive themselves, it is important that we look at the implications such a future would have. At this point, it seems largely a reality that we will see cars which can drive themselves within a decade. In fact, we have already seen a number of automatic features in cars available now, such as the now ancient automatic gears, and the more recent braking and steering options which are available. In a future where all new cars have such functions included though, what can we expect? A large portion of our economy depends upon the drivers of commercial business, does this mean that such an evolution in our cars may damage our economy? Will we see an end to the age requirements for driving licenses? Will we see kids able to own their own cars, and move about town on their own? All of these questions deserve some consideration. Ultimately, we can assume that autonomous vehicles will make our society and economy more efficient, but will the costs be worth it? Either way, we can assume that it’s going to happen, and that their is very little we can do about it.

New automatic braking is an option for cars

For a number of years, companies have invested heavily in operating systems capable of creating autonomous vehicles, or vehicles capable of driving themselves entirely. By companies, I don’t mean the typical car companies, such as BMW and ford alone, because this is also an interest for some of the tech companies of the world, they will probably be responsible for the successes in this venture. Anyway, a recent accomplishment from the industry is an automatic braking system. This braking system works through a number of sensors, which are able to sense when there is an obstacle in front of the car, and automatically brake. Whether the obstacle is a child foolishly running in front of the car, or another car unexpectedly braking themselves, the automatic braking system should engage and prevent an accident. All of the news coming out of the companies engaged in this goal seems to suggest that a truly autonomous vehicle may be closer to becoming a reality than we would expect, perhaps even within a decade, and this new bit of technology would seem to support this.