Keeping your levels topped up

When owning a car, there are many checks that you should be doing on a regular basis that unfortunately we often forget to do. Checking your brakes and tyres is something that can serious affect the driving and stopping of a car and should be high on your priority list of overall checks.

Fluid levels is another essential item to tick off, and not just your water washers. You should also check the coolant levels, oil levels and brake fluid / transmission fluid levels to ensure that your car has everything it needs to function properly.

When it comes to oil, you should have it changes at every major service as dirty oil is no good for the engine. If the oil in your car looks completely black and not slightly see through then it is most probably time for a change. If you take it to your local garage they will be able to check it for you.


Park carefully – scratching your alloys costs you.

Many people think that scratches to your alloys are an unavoidable consequence of day-to-day driving, but they are relatively easy to avoid and will cost you money. Though relatively cosmetic, they damage the resale value of your car because they signify that the car has been run up & knocked into kerbs – so the suspension could be worn, the tracking is likely to be out, and the tyres may well be either overly worn or damaged due to that. A dealer will take that into consideration when assessing your car, as will a leasing company.

That means that you’ll get offered much less for your car, or face a charge at the end of your agreement depending on how you’ve sourced your car. Repairs are expensive, so it’s best to try and avoid it in the first place – parking a little bit further away from the curb could save you a lot of money.

Looking after your car interior

Many car owners are quite enthusiastic when it comes to looking after the exterior of their car. Some chose to take it through a car wash, others have it hand cleaned and many people are happy to send a Sunday morning cleaning their own car on the drive. But how many of us give the inside of our car the same attention? After all that is where we spend most of our time.

Cleaning the inside of a car often requires a few different cleaning products and you need to ensure you use the correct ones to get the best look and so as not to cause damage to any of the material. Leather seats should be cleaned and conditioned regularly, if not looked after the leather will split which can look unsightly making it harder to sell the vehicle and repairs can be extremely costly. It may be worth investing in a pair of car seat covers to keep the leather intact.

When cleaning the interior windows, never use a greasy product or polish as this will clause smears and can obstruct your view when driving. Invest in a quality window cleaner and ensure that they are cleaned often.

Finding an Independent Tyre Specialist in Chesterfield

Just Tyres is probably the leading tyre retailer with close to forty tyre fitting centres across the UK. They are an independent tyre retailer allowing them to give their customers an unbiased opinion on each of their products. Their expertise with tyre fitting and their extensive product range makes Just Tyres a well-known tyre fitting brand in the region. Customers can expect the same level of expertise and honesty at the Just Tyre centre at Chesterfield also. If you want to buy tyres in Chesterfield for your cars or vans or even SUVs, you can come to the Just Tyre Chesterfield fitting centre to access their expert services.

The technicians have the know-how to guide the customers to the products as per their budget and their vehicle’s requirements. They only deals with tyres and tyre fitting so expect a focussed approach from all their technicians whether you buy tyres in Chesterfield or any other Just Tyre centre.

When your car starts to make a funny noise, don’t panic

Cars can be a very expensive thing to buy and then maintain. When we are driving along or start the car on the drive and hear an awful noise it can be terrifying, but sometimes it is not as bad as it may first appear. Have a quick look around the car and see if you can identify where the noise is coming from, often it can just be a lose bracket or a hole in the exhaust. If you cannot find anything then call your local garage and try to explain to them the noise the car is making. Make sure that you always use a garage that you trust and that will take the time to explain to you what work is required to be done and why as unfortunately there are a few out there that are all to quick to just take your money. It may also be worth investing in breakdown cover as having to be recovered to a garage can be extremely costly.