Cleaning your wheels and tyres

Treat your alloys and tyres with the respect they deserve. Cleaning your tyres is a great time to check for any uneven wear (this could be a sign of over/under inflation or bad wheel alignment) and damage (screws in the tread that could be causing a slow puncture or damage to the side wall which could cause dangerous blow outs). Brake dust can damage some wheel surfaces so regular cleaning is a must.
Make sure your wheels are cold before cleaning and wear gloves. Spray on an alloy wheel cleaner, making sure it’s compatible with your wheel finish, wetting all visible surfaces. Work this in to all areas with a wheel cleaning brush to avoid scratches. Don’t let it dry before you rinse it off. While your there, clean under the wheel arches with a stiff brush. Once it’s all hosed off, use a tyre dressing for a professional finish. You can apply an alloy sealing compound to protect from brake dust.