Dash cams are a must for all drivers

When dash cams first hit the market, they were quite expensive and it was mostly business people such as rep who do a lot of driving that had them. Over the last decade they have come down massively in price and you can now pick one up from less than £30!

Unfortunately, many of us have encountered people on the road who seem to be oblivious to how their driving affects others. Overtaking on bends, tailgating, driving too fast or even driving too slow can all play major roles in why people have accidents. Over the past few years that has been a massive increase in the number of people doing “crash for cash” scams where they slam their brakes on causing you to go into the back of them then claim off your insurance company for personal injury plus the damage to the vehicle. The blame is automatically put on to you if you run in to the back of someone so you need to have a way to prove your innocence and sometimes a dash cam is the only way to do this. A dash cam might be the best purchase you make when it comes to accessories in your car.