Home EV charger grants may be available

Being able to charge an electric vehicle at home is a big incentive when it comes to buying a new electric vehicle, but it is extremely rare to find electric car chargers installed at rental properties as tenants cannot have them installed without the property owner’s permission and most owners would not pay to have them installed at their property for someone else’s use.

It is good news then that there are now grants being made available to tenants and property owners alike to enable electric vehicle chargers to be fitted to properties so that tenants who own electric vehicles will be able to use them and it will future-proof the property should any other tenants want this facility. It will also benefit the property owner as it will make the property more attractive to potential tenants and add value to the property if it is sold in the future.

The new grant is being seen as a positive step forward by electric vehicle manufacturers and environmentalists who recognise that anything that makes owning an EV easier and cheaper is bound to increase sales and with special electricity rates for electric car chargers being offered by energy companies it is good news all round.