How to cut the cost of your fuel bill for your car

It seems that everything is going up and up in price at the moment, car fuel being one of the biggest. The prices at the pump on average have increased by around 50 pence per litre which can equate to around £28 extra to fill up your tank. This can have a huge impact, especially on those that are having to use their car a lot to get to and from work but are not given any allowance. The fuel prices have increased for a number of reason and it is unlikely that they will come down any time soon. There is fear that the situation could even get a lot worse over the coming months with the conflict that is happening between Russia and Ukraine.

It is important to try and drive as economically as you possibly can to ensure that you keep your fuel bills down. If your car ha a trip computer, try and notice what miles per gallon you are getting. You can then try to implement some of these driving style changes and see if it makes a difference.

Always drive in the highest gear suitable for the speed you are traveling at. Keeping the engine revs low consumes less fuel. Having to keep slowing down and then accelerating, again uses up more fuel so instead slow down a little and see if you can drive at a more constant speed.