What to do if you have a flat tyre

If you have a flat tyre on your car then there are different things that you can do depending on where you are when you notice it, below is a guide to what to do in different scenarios.

If your car is parked up and you come to it and notice a flat tyre then the first thing to do is inspect the tyre for any obvious signs of damage or any foreign objects that could be lodged in the tyre, if you cannot see any then it may be that the tyre just needs more air as things such as changes in temperature or the car being stood still can cause the tyre to need inflating.

If you notice that you have a flat tyre whilst driving it is likely that you will notice that you are unable to accelerate as quickly as usual and you may feel the car pulling to one side. As soon as you notice this you must pull over to the side of the road carefully as soon as it is safe to do so. Driving on a tyre that has a puncture can be very dangerous so you must do this very carefully and ensure that the vehicle is in a safe position as far off the road as possible.

If you are on the motorway or dual carriageway then you must call your breakdown company as it would not be safe to attempt changing a tyre at the side of such a fast busy road and in doing this you could cause a very serious accident.

Buying tyres online or in store

When it comes to buying tyres everyone wants to get the best deal for the type of tyre they are buying. You can choose from a number of different makes and models of tyres within the budget range, mid range or premium ranges and each will come with its own rating for fuel economy, road noise and wet grip.

You can often buy tyres online or you can buy them in store and many people wonder which will get you the best deal. It is easier to compare prices online as you do not have to spend ages on the phone calling through to multiple garages but you may be offered a better deal in store. If you have found a tyre online that you like and seems a good price then before you order, call the garage and ask them if they can do you a better deal in store. This is especially important if you are buying multiple tyres at the same time as they may be able to offer you a larger discount.



Choosing a sat nav system

If you are lucky enough to be able to get a new car, then it may come with a built in satellite navigation system. These systems are usually quite good, but the problem comes when they go wrong. As they are built in to the stereo system, it may be that you cannot fix it and have to replace the whole unit instead.

If you are buying an aftermarket sat nav system then you need to think about what is important to you. It may be that you want to be able to receive traffic updates and have the system re-route you to find a quick way to your destination. Some systems come with some sort of traffic update such as many of the TomTom devices, they track the routes of other TomTom devices to see how long it has taken to get through traffic and to find alternative routes.

Most sat navs will need updating every 12 months or so and you may have to pay for these updates.


Disposing of old tyres

Tyres cannot simply be chucked in the bin, they need to be disposed of properly. If the tyres still have a decent amount of tread on them then they may be sold as part worn tyres, but if not then they will need to be disposed of. Some car garages and tyre fitters will dispose of the tyres free of charge for you if you are buying new tyres from them, otherwise you may be expected to pay up to £20 per tyre to dispose of it properly.

Another few ideas of ways of disposing of tyres to try is to ask your local school, they often use tyres to create flower beds of play equipment and may happily take them off your hands. Also zoo’s will sometimes take old tyres to make play equipment for the animals or to create safety barriers. This may also be the case for go karting tracks where they use tyres to make safety walls around the track.


Buying car parts

If you want to save a bit of money on car repairs then you could opt to source and buy the parts yourself. If you have a garage or mechanic that you wish to use you will need to check if they are happy for you to provide them the parts to fit. If you do decide to do this then obviously it will only be their workmanship that is covered by any guarantee, not the parts that you have supplied.

Sometimes you may be able to get the parts a lot cheaper than the garage quotes you but you do need to make sure that you know exactly what part you need and if you are buying second hand that it has a warranty on it and it works as it should.

Some places such as Euro car parts offer non genuine parts at great prices and if you can find a voucher code you may be able to save even more on the purchase price.