Rotate your tyres to increase their lifespan

Rotating your tyres is a simple way to increase their lifespan as it combats uneven wear. If your tyres show signs of extreme uneven wear then this could be a sign of misaligned wheels or suspension and should be looked into by a professional. Before you consider rotating your tyres, you need to check their construction. There are two main types of construction: cross ply and radial. It is illegal to mix cross ply and radial tyres on the same axle or to have cross ply tyres on the rear with radial tyres on the front as this adversely affects the cars handling.

For front wheel drive cars you should move the fronts to the rear, keeping them on the same side, while moving the rears forward, swapping sides. Rear wheel drive cars need the rears moving forward on the same sides with the fronts moving to the rear, swapping sides. For four wheel drive vehicles tyres should all be swapped diagonally. If you have directional tyres, you should swap front to back but keep tyres on the same side.