The Key to Enjoying a Great Drive even During Winter

In conditions where a temperature below 7 degrees Celsius is present like during winter in the UK, the compound and rubber quality of the usual summer tyres could have difficulties in adapting the situation. Tyres, in instances such as this, could begin to harden making it apparently difficult for the driver to control and have a grip on the road. And since it is always given that safety should come first on the road, it is always practical to seek out for the most compatible solution – purchasing the best packages for cheap winter tyres.

Special Composition of Winter Tyres

In areas where constant decrease in temperature is prolonged for five months like in UK, it is the forefront of the driver’s instinct to make sure that his vehicle is prepared to accommodate the weather. And while summer tyres can be an alternative during these times, it is always better to seek out for the optimum performance when it comes to safety.

The great thing about this type of wheel material is the fact that it has a special type of rubber compound containing a higher percentage of silica, thus enabling it to remain flexible even with lower temperature. While flexibility is one of the most manifested features of winter tyres, car users could also experience reduced braking in wet conditions for up to 50% as well as the reduction of risk of aquaplaning, especially when the snow begins to melt.

With the components of cheap winter tyres, drivers are guaranteed to remain in control in front of the wheel. Just imagine getting skidded on ice or snow, surely this would be scary not just to the driver but also to their passengers. So for enhancing the capacity of your car during cold weather, winter tyres are a wise option to consider.

Taking a Closer Look: Summer vs. Winter Tyres

One of the major differences of these two kinds of tyres is their tread. Aside from the fact that they have varied composition when talking about rubber material, the tread included in the packing of the latter item has a design that allows it to have less friction on winter roads. Tyre treads are very vital as they have more power grip and have a wider and uniform contact area that even during gradual shifts from one tread to another control over the wheel is maintained.

Because of the options available on the web for tyre brands, it is also essential for the buyer to check out for those that have at least 71 tread patterns as these are known for their durability and flexibility that can simply adapt to snow, slush as well as water collection between tread blocks. Ensuring that the item has this feature would allow one to experience the caterpillar-like effect on extremely slippery surfaces enabling the driver to get going more efficiently and easily.

When availing cheap winter tyres for your car, it is crucial to only consult a well-known company that offers the best packages for your investment.