How can you get rid of dents in a plastic bumper?

Dents in cars happen often. It may be that you accidently reverse in to something or that you bought a second hand car that already has a bump in it. Dents can look unsightly and can even cause issues with the paintwork if on metal as exposed areas can begin to rust.

They can make even the newest of cars looked uncared for and can make it difficult to sell. If you have a car with a plastic bumper and get a dent, then you may be in luck as there are a few tricks you can try to remove the dent relatively easy.

Before taking the car down to the local body repair workshop or forking out for a new bumper try the method below as many people have reported great success with it. But make sure this is only done on plastic bumpers.

Apply heat to the dented area either with a hairdryer or by pouring boiling water on it. I found the hair dryer to be the best method. Once the area is warm you can push your hand up under the dent and apply pressure to it from behind. The dent should just pop right out and often leaves little or no indication that it was ever there.