Is it more expensive to run a diesel car?

When it comes to buying a new car or van you have to choose whether to go for petrol, diesel or electric. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but often electrically cars simply just too expensive and as they are not very old, there are not a lot of cheaper second hand ones.

People often think diesels are cheaper to run than petrol and this may be the case in terms of fuel but there are other factors you need to take in to account.  Diesels can be more expensive than the equivalent petrol version but they also retain their value well, meaning that when it comes time to trade in or sell on, you’ll get more money for it. Sometimes the price for fuel is the same for petrol or diesel and often the difference is only very small.

As a diesel will usually do more miles to the gallon so is more economical, this will often contribute to the increase in the price. As well, diesel cars do seem to out live their petrol equivalent.  

When buying a diesel car is the cost of the road tax as often it is much higher than on a petrol so you do need to bear this in mind when factoring in costs.