The importance of changing the window screen wipers

Windows teen wipers are checked during an mot and you should be advised if they are worn. If they are too bad you will have to change them in order to pass the MOT. Even if you have not long had an MOT you may still notice that your wipers are not performing as well as they used to. This is often apparent in heavy rain. Often wipers deteriorate over the winter months as they freeze and may become brittle. It is easy for the rubber to become ripped or rough and this will cause the wipers to it clear the screen as effectively.

When purchasing new blades, you may wish to invest a little more and get good quality ones. This is especially true if you do a lot of motorway driving or if you often drive at night or in bad weather. The cost of wipers range from around £15 for a set up wards of £50 but do shop around as often you find the exact same wipers for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Always double check the fit meant and the size of the wipers. Often the drivers side wiper blade is longer that the passenger side on a lot of modern vehicles.